Environmental Focus

We've only got one home, each one of us have to look after it!

We are committed to playing our part in the conservation of this Planet. We are obliged, being situated directly by the sea, to do our utmost to help reduce waste and be as renewable and Eco-Friendly as possible day in & day out.


All of our packaging is sourced from sustainable sources and is 100% recyclable. We try our best to get our produce packaged loose where applicable or at least in cardboard rather than plastic.

We’ve teamed up with EcoStraws to abolish plastic straws that have invaded our lovely oceans and offer a selection of metal, bamboo and silicone straws which we clean thoroughly in between each use. They also look very sexy in our cocktails

Local Etos

With the ever growing awareness of the affect of our processes, we dehydrate any and all fruit just before it turns for use as garnishes, reducing waste and use local spirits such as Micil Gin and Poitín which is produced about 20 metres from our front door, take that carbon footprint!!! As well as our locally sourced booze, we use Brady’s of Athenry for our Beef, these top quality butchers provide us with our own custom patties for our delish burgers in a ratio of 3:3:2, Short Rib:Brisket:Chuck! We realise the importance of shopping local and supporting our neighbours.

"Think before you flush"

is an annual public awareness campaign about the problems sanitary products and other items can cause to the plumbing in homes, wastewater pipes, treatment plants and the marine environment. The campaign is operated by Clean Coasts, part of An Taisce, in partnership with Irish Water and is something we endorse heavily as it affects our most prized asset, the glorious Ocean.

Harvested Rainwater

We have also installed a system to harvest rainwater to fill our in-house waste water system, filling all toilets and heating equipment on our premises because, let’s face it, it rains all the time in the West of Ireland.

Getting even greener!

Our goal is to constantly evolve with the times and we are committing to becoming greener as we go, so we have decided to replace our fleet with electric or hybrid vehicles over the next 3 years

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