It all started way back when….

Anthony O’Reilly Back in the day and now!
Proprietor,  O’Reilly’s Bar and Kitchen

O’Reilly’s Bar and Kitchen, situated on the Mid Way Point of the Wild Atlantic Way has a long history in the charming little Village of Salthill. It all started way back when….

As a young girl in the 1930’s, Margaret Fallon from Roscommon, used to spend her summers working in Salthill. After she left school, she worked as a nurse in London where she met Stan O’Reilly, who ran a number of brewery bars in the busy capital. Together, they decided to return to Ireland, and with Salthill having such a special place in young Margaret’s heart, the now Mrs. O’Reilly moved back with her husband.

The newlyweds visited a solicitor and inquired if there were any bars up for auction. The pub came lock, stock and barrel however, to be able to afford the premises, the couple sold the Guinness Kegs in stock, and as a result, could then afford the deposit. And so, in 1959, O’Reilly’s Stroll Inn was born.

From 1959 to 2000 Ma O’Reilly owned the bar, restaurant and guest house.Her husband Stan passed away in 1979 and so Ma O’Reilly turned to family members who helped her to continue to run her prosporus business in Salthill. In 1991, her son Anthony returned from London for his 21st birthday and found himself not wanting to leave. He took over operations for 9 years and subsequently sold the property in 2000. The Lohan Family spent the next 16 years converting the building into their own family business.

In 2016, the building went on the market once again and Anthony, always having felt at home here, knew he couldn’t let it go again. He is delighted to have the pub back in the family name again and all his hopes and dreams that he had for the bar and restaurant are finally coming true.

O’Reilly’s Bar and Kitchen is now operating as a gastro-pub and is proud provide locally sourced produce to cater towards an ever-growing market in Salthill. From the refined pallets of seafood lovers to the curious tourists looking for some traditional meals, from couples looking for a date night delectibles and families searching for value and comfort, O’Reilly’s is proud to have something for everyone. Plans for expansion of the brand continue to grow so watch this space. Welcome to the exciting, dynamic and always hospitable O’Reilly’s Bar and Kitchen.